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New Life Catalyst (NLC), founded by Ms.Latha & Mr.Jeyapal, was born to assist people in discovering their true inner potential and as an answer to the ever-growing daily frustrations and problems people face. God only intended a peaceful co- existence among human beings. So what has happened? How can this be corrected?

Years of pursuit for a solution to these problems took us to all forms of self help and personality development methods available ranging from meditation, yoga to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It was then that NLP was chosen as the simple and most effective tool to help people live happier and more satisfied lives.

We have been trained by several leading NLP trainers including international authorities such as Mr.Ashok Subramanian, Mr.Aravamootham, Ms.Sue Knight & Mr.Colin Spence(UK), Dr. Richard Mc Hugh(USA). NLP has changed our lives forever. And we have seen so many people who got transformed instantly during the courses.

Seeing these immediate transformations in people, we were inspired to extend this to as many people as possible. NLC was thus established to conduct regular workshops with an aim to touch a million hearts by the year 2025.

Any unresolved issue is a consequence of one of these factors; that is the way we think, the way we communicate or the way we behave. If we can change this, we will be surprised at how simple life is.

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What is more amazing is that all of you have been introduced to NLP at some point in life. When your spouse says “Please look at it from my position” (called Perception in NLP); when your parents say “Look at him. See how hard he is working. Try to follow him” (Modeling); when your athletics trainer tells you “Remember that big race you won. Focus on that. Feel the same confidence and power growing in you” (Anchoring)........ You were actually being moulded by NLP.

NLP is actually giving structure and scientific approach to change our mind so as to handle life as we want.

You can expand yourself by exploring and experiencing this holistic way of life and discover a NEW YOU

We conduct regular workshops in various places. We also provide one-to-one counseling services.

To join the journey of discovering yourself and living the life of your choice, NOW is the right time.

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If not NOW - When?

If not NLP - What?

If not YOU - Who?

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