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Drum Circle


    We are one of the first NLP trainers to introduce Drum Circle, in a big way, in Chennai.

    We conduct regular facilitated drum circles for registered participants each month.

    You’ll find that it is an expression of creativity, of rhythm, of harmony, of togetherness, of group dynamics, of bonding, of team work, of innovation, of leadership, and of the unabashed freedom to enjoy yourself in the company of your friends and colleagues.

    Drum circle induces rhythm, joy and harmony to the chaos of today's life.

    Musical Rhythm

    The phenomenon of a musical beat nicely illustrates the integration across the brain system. Every human culture has some form of music in which listeners perceive a regular beat, and humans are the only species to spontaneously move in synchrony with the beat of music.

    What is a Drum Circle?

    Beach Drum Circle by New Life Catalyst

    "If drumming were a language and every beat its word, then a drum circle is really the art of conversation"

    A drum circle or rhythm circle is a group of people gathered into a circle for the purpose of making music. The facilitator will lead the group and assign various beats to sub groups. He will later help coordinate all the participants for creating the rhythm.

    A drum circle grows out of a realization that rhythm is a language that can unite the diverse elements of humanity. Rhythm succeeds where words fail. Music can heal the spirit. When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits; where the energy flows, time stops and we all evaporate....that bliss only occurs when the circle works as a team.

    Healing effects of Drum Circles

    Recent scientific research on the healing effects of drum circles points to amazing possibilities. Specifically, it has been proven that participating in drum circles increases the number of beneficial macrophage cells or “killer cells” in the body. These cells are those responsible for seeking out and destroying specific disease organisms.

    Healing can occur when people join together in drumming. Those who’ve been depressed can recover their overall will to live, through this kind of celebration. Celebration isn’t just for having fun, it is the chief way whereby the people of all ancient societies have safely evoked and transformed collective psychic energies that can otherwise cause discord and chaos.

    Drum Circle – A Stress Buster

    Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. Stress, according to current medical research, contributes to nearly all disease and is a primary cause of such life-threatening illnesses as heart attacks, strokes, and immune system breakdowns. A recent study found that a program of group drumming helped reduce stress and employee turnover.

    Music is divine

    Beach Drum Circle by New Life Catalyst

    It surpasses all boundaries of religion and cultures. Personally for us any sound soothing to one's body and mind which brings peace and harmony to self is Music.

    There were Vedas and hymns being chanted every day. The sounds produced from the chantings were invigorating and powerful. Scholars say that Samaveda is very musical. It shows how important the role of the vocal chords was to music. Music is healing; it can be the language of peace and love to all human beings around the world.

    Music is an expression of the self, the soul.

    Unity in diversity

    “Rhythm,” as Gabriel Roth says, “is the mother tongue”. Rhythm is a universal language known to everyone including even the youngest child. You might have noticed even a one year old kid enjoying a specific piece of music played on the TV. So in a very objective, yet beautiful way, an interactive rhythmic event puts us all on an equal footing with each other and brings us closer together.

    Major Benefits of Drum Circle

    • Uplifts the spirits of all participants
    • Achieves unity through diversity
    • Empowering, healthy, and FUN!
    • Builds effective teams.
    • Promotes creativity and “can-do” mindset.
    • Opens minds to new ideas.
    • Promotes self-confidence by removing fear.
    • Builds trust and confidence.
    • Enhances wellness and health.
    • Helps reduce stress and release negative energy.

    We conduct regular facilitated drum circles for every 15 registered participants each month.

    To join the journey of discovering the NEW YOU by drumming, NOW is the right time.

    To register for our Drum Circle Event, please click here.

    To register for our Drum Circle Event, please click here.

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