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  • We will illustrate one powerful method here as an example so that you understand it’s possible to get anything you want.

    The twin powers of pain and pleasure are what shape your lives. It’s the prime factor which affects all your conscious thoughts, decisions and actions. If you contemplate seriously you will see that every time you have to make a decision the fundamental question which dictates your final choice is “What should I do so that I don’t experience any pain? Or which choice will give me more pleasure?”

    Obviously you will make the choice to which you have associated pleasure. It’s only logical that now all you have to do is associate pain to what you want to change and associate pleasure to what you want to become.

    If you want to quit smoking you have to associate immense immediate pain to smoking. To do that, consider a few main aspects of your life: Social, Personal etc.

    Ask these questions patiently and answer them to yourself in detail – What will it cost me in my social life if I continue smoking? How will my boss look at me if I smoke in front of him? How much will my peer group hate me for smoking in a gathering? What about my relationships – Are my wife and children happy and proud of my smoking habit? What kind of example am I setting to my children? Worst case scenario is me getting cancer and ruining my health – How will my family survive if I am bedridden? Does smoking solve even a single problem for me?

    Now try these – If I give up smoking I will be in control of myself. How will my children look at me when I tell them I have given up smoking? What will they say to me? How will my wife react? What will happen to my health? Will I be able to play with my colleagues actively on weekends? How secure will my family feel? Will I be accepted more in all places?

    If you sincerely answered every question in detail you would have understood how you can change anything in your life to get what you want.

    We use both Tamil and English to communicate during the sessions.

    The sessions will be more of interactive type rather than lecturing type.

    Whatever NLP techniques are taught in the class, you will get a chance to use the same in the class itself.

    If you master your life and manage to get what you want and remain happy after you finish our class our purpose in life will be truly fulfilled.

    To join the journey of discovering yourself and living the life of your choice, NOW is the right time.

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    If not NOW - When?

    If not NLP - What?

    If not YOU - Who?

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  • NLP has changed both of our lives for better. We have gained more confidence. Our purpose in life got confirmed one more time.

    And we have seen it working on other people also.

    Life Changing Experiences:

    We are happy to share that we have been able to facilitate people experience miraculous changes. We just acted as Catalysts in these friends’ lives and the real changes happened because they wanted to change.

    Brief accounts of the transformation experienced by them have been given here for inspiration and as a proof of the immense power of NLP.

    Finding The Purpose of Life:

    This is about a 50 year old self sufficient man, managing his own organization. He is confident, rich and his organization is giving meaning to several people’s lives. He probably has what many would call a “dream life”. Surprisingly he opened up to us on one occasion and poured his heart out. He actually felt miserable and unsatisfied within. He felt he was missing something big in life. In spite of several attempts his inner vacuum remained unchanged. We were able to walk along and take him to the Logical level thinking. Slowly, revelation dawned on him and he found out the cause of his discomfort and misery. He walked out as a much happier man knowing clearly what he wanted to do.

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    Leading a new life, NO to divorce:

    A 30 year old man, who had almost decided to go for a divorce, met us. His wife did not love him and she used to stick to her own view point and forced him to follow the same. He has been hearing “Do WHAT I SAY” many times. We helped him to understand everyday happenings and issues from the other person’s point of view (Perceptual Position). We could notice an instant transformation. Seeing his change, his wife also changed. She called us to share her happiness and thank us.

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    Developing a new habit:

    Most of us have tried to develop a new habit or give up an old one. So everybody knows how difficult it is. One such 53 year old man was trying to go for a daily walk. He had high BP and his doctor advised him to go for a regular walk. His continued efforts for the previous 7 years were in vain. He usually followed up for a few days and dropped the habit. He was sharing all this in a casual chat with us. We helped him to experience Parts Integration. He has never had problems going for a walk every day since then.

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    Improving Sales:

    One 30 year old young man wanted to be very successful in slaes but he could not. The reason was that he did not understand what exactly his clients wanted. We helped him to understand other by understanding himself first (Filters). He gained confidence and since then has improved his position.

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    Overcoming Trauma:

    A 20 year old college student, who lost his loved one recently, was on the verge of committing suicide. He was taking treatment for nearly a year. We met him in one of the sessions. We helped him by using Clean Language to make him understand what he wanted . Now a days, he says he wants to help at least 10 children from an orphanage.

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    Accessing your inner confidence:

    A 50 year old lady, a corporate staff, lacked self confidence when facing her clients. Due to this, she lost many business deals. We helped her to access her resourceful state (Circle of excellence). She felt more confidence after this.

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